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Certified Kanban Expert (Kanban-EXP)

Certification by: 

Scrum Institute

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The Agile Advisor Africa 

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A Certified Kanban Expert™ (Kanban-EXP™) responsibility is to ensure the flawless foundation, adequate and sound development, and constant refinement of Kanban practices in a Kanban organization and its Kanban teams. As a result, the expertise and perspectives of all team members in a Kanban system, as well as how well they fit their Kanban teams, are critical. These fundamental factors typically determine a Kanban organization’s maturity level and business throughput. 

Course Overview

A Kanban certification validates your knowledge of Kanban operations management as well as the Kanban software development and delivery framework. The Certified Kanban Expert™ (Kanban-EXP™) Program will teach you how and why the Kanban framework is far more efficient to work with than many other operational management, software development, and delivery processes. After passing an official multiple-choice test, Kanban certification recognizes your demonstrated knowledge and distinguished expertise in the Kanban framework.


There are no prerequisites for taking this course. 

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The benefits of taking this course are numerous. Not only will you learn new information, skills and get certified, but you’ll also have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, positioning you for employment opportunities anywhere in the world. Take the next step to your next level, we’re ready to help you begin your journey.  

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