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Our Mission is to transform the world of business using the Agile mindset.

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We are part of a community that promotes the Agile culture. Join today to enjoy the myriad of benefits available. There are different events based on their schedules: weekly, monthly and occasional

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The Agile Nigeria Meetup is for those people interested in learning and sharing stories on how to start and continue their Agile implementations using the Agile Mindset. Connect, converse and share. Join us in pursuit of a better way of working and doing Business. Hosted by Agile Practitioners Association of Nigeria. The Agile Advisor Africa is an organizer of this meetup. 


Business Agility Meetup is for leaders, executives, managers, teams and professionals utilizing the Agile mindset, methods, frameworks, practices, and techniques outside of IT within n organization. The meetup focuses majorly on business agility, organizational agility, personal agility, team building, innovation, customer acquisition/yield, design thinking and organizational development.

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The Agile Nigeria Conference is an annual gathering to celebrate Agile in Nigeria. It is a conglomeration of Agile Communities with the goal of furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This event brings together professionals and experts in the field of Agile from all around the world featuring presentation, talks, seminars and sharing of their experiences.
It is an unparalleled opportunity to explore agile you don’t want to miss.

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